Stompernet Ideen

Alexa – market leap analyse

check alexa overall ranking

check market leap link popularity
[sniplet wiki-wordpress]

google cached version of website – check keywords – google highlited diese

check google cached im nur text modus

images und hrefs immer alt und title tags geben, sowie sprechende namen

-discovery phase – analyse keywords nd what people are searching for

-competitive analysis phase – figure out who is ranking for keywords

-roi . look at money. but more: look at time invested.
look at low hanging froots
— identify other phrases besides your common words
„mir fällt spontan ein: schnelle sportart“
— how quickly you can make money

keyword discovery and research
find out search volume spreat out on many different search terms

figure out priorities

keyword discovery
how? assemble large list of related and relevant keywords that would apply to your site
amass mindmap keywords
->use forums, check titles in postings

ranking for major keywords
optimizing for one keyword searches to much work. no targeted traffic.

keyword resarch sites
adwords keyword tool

look for competitors and what they optimized
-check meta keywords
-check title tags

competitive analysis – getting on page 1 –
-> check link popularity of # 10

keywords in url / domain necessary?
not part of algorythm – but goot idea to get keywords in domain, because external links / anchor text is done instantly if others link to you.

tools for competitive analysis

on page opt
– put keywords in bullet points

keyword analysis / proximity

but the most important words to rank for early at title – put them to the front of the title tag


sitemap / jedoch landing page, put content in sitemap

links to category in footer

different phrases can point to single site

dont give link power away to nonsense pages „about“, „contact“…

tier 1 / tier 2/ tier 3/, also link back to home from tier 3

link from every page to the sitemap

sitemaps, if more than 50-100 links, 2nd sitemap. but link from first map to 2nd. dont give away power to multiple sitemaps from start

make backlinks natural
„buy mp3 player“ „good mp3 player“ ….

category inlinks

get from same directory category – dmoz example

web directory
search google for „add url“ or „submit url“ or „suggest url“
Add Link – Suggest Link – Submit URL Directory
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